Welcome to the ms-thermo documentation!

This is a small package from Cerfacs dedicated to multispecies thermodynamics operations. It offers a simple way to manipulate reactive multispecies mixtures through State objects. Command line tools are also available for a few common tasks. Tutorials and more advanced how-to guides provide sample use cases for pre-processing and post-processing typical CFD multispecies mixtures.


This package is available on Python Package Index. Install with pip install ms_thermo.


This Python package is currently being developped by the COOP team at Cerfacs, with a non exhaustive list of the main contributors as of June 2022: Antoine Dauptain, Aimad Er-Raiy, Matthieu Rossi, Théo Defontaine, Thibault Gioud, Thibault Duranton, Elsa Gullaud, Victor Xing